remember Indiana Jones and his quest for that damn golden idol? never watched it—but that iconic scene! we’ve all seen the parodies. he switches the precious hunk of gold with something that he believed to be of equal weight. he does the ol’ switch-a-roo thinking he could get away with it, boy was he wrong. he’s as good as judging weight as i am at judging what’s best for my life. HA!

what object have i placed in the light where my true golden idol is supposed to be?

we all know God needs to be the center of it all—for us Christians anyways, and yet we end up switching the pure gold statue, with what? movies? games? school? like old Indie Jones, i didn’t guess the weight right. i replaced a good thing with a sack of sand not worth more than a penny. some people argue they don’t replace God with horrible idols like drugs and sex, and yet we are all chased by the rolling ball of doom because of our mistakes. i wonder why.

“an idol is a good thing made into an ultimate thing” —Skye Jethani

whatever thing we believe will serve the same purpose as that gold idol did on the pedestal, is never worth more than a sack of sand and will ultimately fail to keep us from getting chased to death by a rolling boulder.

ultimate lesson here could be, if you don’t wanna die by rolling rock, don’t fool yourself into thinking anything replaces God. no matter how sure you were that it was basically the same thing.


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