Life from God

doesn’t that sound nice? all things are from God including life. and yet this meaning from Skye Jethani is completely different. he talks about our tendency as humans to ask God for things. and while he understands that this is not inherently evil, he speaks about the dangers christians face when they come to be ‘consumer christians’. this type of christianity promises joy, love, peace, and while this advert is not false, it misses the most important thing. God himself! focus is placed on what we can recieve from God [yes, God gives and we are free to ask Luke 11:11-13] instead of being in a relationship with God. personally i fall into this sin because the lines of wanting something from God, no matter my good intents, and wanting God are blurred so easily. i believe that if i get this one thing then i will be happy and able to focus on God, if i finish this one midterm i will have free time to read the bible, and so on and so forth. my longing for a christian husband and to get married early budded from good intents, but lately all i’ve been asking God for and focusing on, is that. what happened to loving and serving my Lord? isn’t this the same as me dating men with the hopes of happiness in secular relationships? for me that is the reason i believed wanting a christian man is the right thing to do, and while it might have been at the beginning, it has turned into a way for me to lose sight of God and stay with him so i can ensure my future family is a good one. families are so important to God yet even Jesus asked us to deny them for Him. while churches tell us that God provides all we need so all we have to do is follow his rules, [ie. no sex, drugs, or whatever sin we think is more important to avoid], Skye understands this is not all we were meant to do as christians. our lives were not meant merely to follow rules that inhibit us from ‘fun’. in this posture of ‘gimmi-gimmi’, God’s value is seen when we can answer these questions, “what have you done for me lately for me to serve you now?”, “what has God ever done for me?” with an answer that satisfies us. if the answer is well, Jesus died for your sins on the cross, it’s not enough and we say yeah i know but i wanted this instead but i never got that. we are never satisfied enough to find reason and praise God. this is where we begin to associate God as our servant and personal wish granter. praying for good grades so you can focus on him becomes another way to use him to make your life easier. what about praying for money because getting to church is so hard with your broken car? i think at this point you get that prayers like this are basically selfish and manipulative of your relationship with God no matter what your intentions might be. God provides [look in the bible at any instance where his people cry out to him for whatever they need and see him deliver] and yet in the face of abundance there is no turning to God with praises after the first couple miracles, it usually goes like this, ‘God, screw you i’m serving this gold cow because i can’ or ‘wow God i forgot you are the reason we got out of slavery, well who the hell cares now i’m dying of thirst and hunger”

*part of ‘Reimagining the Way you Relate to God’ series*


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