Book Report

Book: Reimagining the Way you Relate to God by Skye Jethani

Who it’s for: all christians, anyone that feels their relationship with God is stagnating or not good, nonchristians that are confused, annoyed, downright angry about christians and their darn God, if you believe you’ve tried it all with God and think it’s not for you, if you’ve been wondering why God is not as cool as those older christian unnies and oppas make him out to be, new christians that are seeking relationship with Him, EVERYONE

Why i recommend: this book got me thinking about my relationship with God but more than that, i realized what i did wrong with God, what people do wrong with God, how no one actually seems to know christianity is so much more than what people make it out to be. i got to question my current relationship with Him and it brought me to deeper understanding and knowledge of who i am supposed to be in Him as a christian.

The gist of it: there are different categories of christians and the ones that are prominent are mostly wrong. people that claim to be christians might not even be christians.

*this will probably be a series because reading and thinking about topics discussed in this book happens quite often after summer classes/during lunch. instead of doing math hw like i’m supposed to, here i am typing.*


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